Kinder-mary is a combination of Kindergarten and Primary.

We welcome children in Kindergarten through 4th grade to join us in learning about Jesus, through songs, stories, and crafts.

This quarter we are focusing on:

Community: We encourage one another to follow Jesus.

  • At church we listen and learn what is important.
  • God gives us leaders to help us do great things for Him.
  • In God's family we all work together.

Service: We can serve God wherever we are.

  • We serve when we are doing our best.
  • We make friends for God when we serve others.
  • We prepare the way for Jesus when we serve others.

Grace: God is our best Friend.

  • Jesus is God's gift to us.
  • God is our Friend; we are not afraid of Him.
  • God gives perfect gifts, and His best gift is Jesus.
  • Jesus gives us joy.
  • Jesus gives us hope.