Our Pastor

Pastor Terry Darnall, has a deep love for Jesus and for reaching the community for Christ.  This is evident in his sermons, his desire to reach out to our community with God's love and in his strong desire to develop a strong team of leaders that also share in his desire to minister to both believers and those who need to learn of Jesus' saving grace. 

Terry received his Masters of Divinity in 1979 from Andrews University.  He has been active in pastoral ministry, pastoring, and reviving churches in Montana and Arizona.  While pastoring in Montana, Terry was the president of the County Ministerial Association.  He has been our pastor here at the Mesa Palms Church for 15 years.

Terry's wife, Debbie, has been employed by East Mesa Care Center for over 15 years and is the Human Resources Director.  They have two grown children: Matt, who is a physical therapist living in Burleson, Texas and Mandi, who lives in Mesa, Arizona.

Pastor Terry is committed to serving you in any capacity.  He would like to be your pastor and help you grow in your relationship with Jesus Christ.

 A Note From Pastor Terry

    Summer is just about over!  Hurrah! Just one more month of Heat!  Is that what you are thinking?  This time of year that is what I'm thinking about.  No more hot, 180 degree cars to get into after visiting a hospital.  No more having to mow the lawn in extreme heat.  No more having to get up at the break of dawn to jog five miles.  It's only 90 degrees then.  I'm ready for some cool weather; how about you? I actually count the days until we have our first cool day.  Maybe October 23rd?
    Actually I do prefer heat to cold now.  I was born and raised in cold country, and I like a warmer climate.  It's just the extreme weather I dislike.  Heat or Cold.
    Jesus says you can't appreciate the mild weather until you have experienced the extremes.  If you lived in Hawaii where it's around 75-85 degrees every day, guess what?  You would get bored.  In a perfect world, the Garden of Eden, they had perfect weather, yet they didn't get bored.  They had seasons, but they were not extreme.  Sin came and the seasons became extreme, and man was always complaining!
    So I tell myself now: You know what?  The summers here in Arizona are worth it.  Because the winters are so wonderful!  I can handle four or so months of heat if there are eight months of great weather.
    God is telling us, that our time here on Earth, in the extreme of sin, is really just a short time compared with eternity with Him, in the perfect climate of Heaven.  Amen!  So just hang in there, make the best of it, and soon we will experience the wonderful, perfect weather of Heaven.
     Genesis 1:14 - "Then God said, 'Let there be lights in the firmament of the heavens to divide the day from the night; And let them be for signs and seasons, and for days and years'."